Sunday, 18 February 2018

Coffee and Chat, Part finished projects and more cards

Another week and the weather with the rain has been horrendous, will always prefer cold and dry to mild and wet.

Met up with Jenny who runs Women Only Connected for coffee this week. Not seen each other for a while so a lot to talk about.

This weeks news:

Craft Studio Now Open

I have opened a section on my website for craft supplies, started with some pretty lace and organza creations. Can be used for card making and many other craft projects. Stitched onto crystal organza to add a shimmer.

More supplies will be posted over the next few months.

What else have I been up to? started a few projects, nothing to show though as still waiting bits and pieces to complete. One delivery though was going to be here Wednesday (14th) only to check and got that wrong but the 21st!

Been card making again, this keeps me occupied and does not tax my brain too much

Card for DH's friend

Bright and Beautiful Designs

Done 4 of a new set but then ran out of mini sticky pads. Hunted high and low but could not find any. Did find 3 boxes of blades for my craft knife, no need to order those.

The plan to really sort out my workroom when it gets warmer. In the sewing room everything has a place. Already found have duplicated some embossing dies!!!!

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Have a good week

Sunday, 11 February 2018

Mothering Sunday or not?

Do you make for Mother's Day? (11th March this year in the UK). I always used to but looking back have never sold anything. Could be because most of my events I did had an older audience and like me no longer had their Mum's around. Or because the market like all 'Special Events' are saturated with products at low cost, hence prices I cannot and will not compete with. So decision time......

I have decided not to do 'Mother's Day' per se but produce a selection of gifts for women that can be given for any occasion. A gift collection that is for any special occasion, could be Mother of the Bride, Birthday etc. This opens up what I have made to not just one day but all year round.  Have included a quilt for 'Mother' but again all Mum's have Birthdays etc. Will show you what I have made in a few weeks time.

Now down to work actually done, had some lovely card toppers from Hunkydory.

La Boudoir

Stitch Delight

Floral Breeze

Have another couple of sets to use will post when done.

I wanted to make some cards that were simple and quick to do but pretty, reasonably prices and hope that someone buying a gift may add one or two to their basket.

Onto Pixie Gift Baskets now, little fabric baskets filled with delightful goodies, hope to show more next week. Just in the pattern drafting and ordering things I need stage this week.

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Wednesday, 7 February 2018

Sale Items

Every year I have a sale and this year have made a decision to radically revamp my stock, hence great bargains to be had.

Handmade Pink patchwork bra design bag.

This bag is so cute and with a fluffy trim to the top edge perfect for every Spring day. All for £7.00 plus flat rate postage of £3.00 on every order, just fill your cart.

Be back soon with more sale items

Sunday, 4 February 2018

Bookbinding and having fun

I mentioned the bookbinding kit last week, well started making and love it think if going to continue will have to buy a more supplies such as a press as the books sandwiched between tins is not that safe.

This kit is excellent as includes papers, a lot only supply the tools. When buying a kit I like to have everything I need in the box, nothing worse than opening a kit and finding you have a long list of extra products to source and buy. Highly recommended.

Now for the results, two bound note books and as I love notebooks could not be more perfect.

I would love make these to sell but take some time and the parts are not that cheap so unsure if worth it or not.

Loved making these this week and so unusual to make something for myself, think we all need to have some me time every once in while and forget the business part.

Had a request to stitch a ponies name onto his fleece, delivered on the 26th and collected all done on the 27th. Hope Pumpkin (love this name) approves.

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Sunday, 28 January 2018

Unicorn collection finished

Well I got there in the end and all the new line of Unicorns is finished and launched. Final 2 items made, newsletter done, website updated.


Lace Charm

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I am currently teaching myself bookbinding. Bought a starter kit a few weeks back and can now take a breather from creating and make myself a couple of notebooks. You never know may even add some to my repertoire.

Until next week, have fun x

Sunday, 21 January 2018

Planner update and Unicorns


Okay thought would give you an update on my planner. So far so good, did get a bit stressed if did not write anything 'To do' in a day but then thought, my time is mine to do what I like with it. Had always said that this year was about quality over quantity and no stressing. If I have a blank day because spent most of it reading, so what! Enjoy life as you only live once and each day is precious whatever your age.

For your info found another planner a lot cheaper and you print off as you want the sheets. Have to supply your own folder though but for the $12 good value for money.

The only problem I can see with this one, is would I print off the sheets as required, or slip into a lethargy for planning. I have to be firm with myself for any form of diary system. Start off well then drift into another realm.

However, this year so far I seem to be super organised and actually love to check the planner every day even if nothing much done.


I love these mystical characters and if you had not gathered from last week's teaser they are the start of a new collection. Not finished yet as have some more ideas to do but hopefully should all be done by the end of January.

Again have only made 1 of each piece as these will be made to order. Will take to my November event but sell what I have left from the start of the collection. This to me is one way to keep my stock down as going away from events apart from 2 this year to have a big sale of old stock.

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Until next week, have fun x

Sunday, 14 January 2018

Animals in Flowers new collection launch

Finally got there had to wait for silk organza sheets from the US, got impatient and ordered (more expensive) from a UK source only to be told after the order was placed that they were doing a stock take and would dispatch asap! However they arrived and I was able to complete my first new collection of 2018.

Clutch Bags

Gift Cards

Key Fobs

Decorative Hoops

I am happy with how everything turned out and just love these watercolour images.

Joined a challenge on a FB group for Valentines Day. Wanted to do something slightly different and thought these kitty and dawgie mug rugs were perfect. They are also not just for Valentines Day.

Now onto the next collection again just a teaser for you

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