Sunday, 18 September 2016

Home & Vintage Brocante

My first time at this event or one like it. Had visited before as think that is a must.
Had a chauffeur to the event, such a treat as he did all the heavy lifting, helped me set up. All went well apart from said staff member throwing the pegs for my pricing labels across the floor, Hmm!

A really well organised event, the stallholders and customers were so friendly, a lovely atmosphere and looking forward to Guildford Cathedral Home & Vintage on the 29th October.

A first event in a very long time that I have been to where Handmade was appreciated, it was such a change. All the stalls had wonderful displays and Julia Langley the organiser was so helpful.

Well behaved dogs on leads were allowed, Lee said he could have brought Shiloh. Did try to explain that he would have rocketed through the hall demolishing anything in his way, so not a good idea. His tail is also lethal as always wagging at a rate of knots and he is a tad large.

Okay some pic's and website links to a few stalls.

View from the hall


Entrance Display

Heartfelt Designs, the red just pops

My stall, not a good pic as into the light

The hall is full of stalls

The hall was buzzing

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Sewing Quiz by Terry's Fabrics

How about some fun on a Sunday morning a sewing quiz by Terry's Fabrics, have a go and tell us your results. Don't wish to brag but got 15/15 and very happy, mind you am passionate about all things sewing.

Sunday, 11 September 2016

A week to go

Only 1 more week until my first event of the year, already packed just have to make my lunch and take some drinks. 

Love these large bags but do have plastic boxes inside them to keep stock separate but find easier than boxes.

Been poorly this week so not done much on the making front but scheduling a lot of things 'To Do' in the New Year. Started a scheduling journal for the months of Jan, Feb and Mar. Not just on the crafting front but Birthday cards to make, sorting all my fabric and making it easier to find lengths I know I have but cannot find. Finally going to clear the top loft and resort the small loft. May even schedule a boot sale, if can pluck up the courage to go. Might ask my next door neighbour who is doing the same big sort, if she would like to go with me, 2 are better than 1 after all, even if we take 2 cars. Have used Evernote as my planning schedule, fun and easy to use.

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Until next week when hopefully should have a far more interesting blog post, with pic's of all the lovely stalls

Sunday, 4 September 2016

A week of planning and prep

Have spent some of this week, well the last 2 days and all of next week prepping for my first event of the year. 

Set up my display at home first as a 4ft instead of a 4ft table. In some ways I prefer the smaller table. Spent quite a bit of time tinkering and planning replacement stock but got there. 

This week checking have pic's of all the items plus descriptions, prices and quantities to add to the paypal app. Must charge the card reader, that is a job and a half as a bit hit and miss.

Next week may do some more sewing or may not, depends how I feel just go with the flow. Starting up the wedding line again for launch in the New Year (blame Vicky). Whilst it seems plenty of time, not sure about you but I find the days just fly past. Only 112 sleeps until Christmas and I still have gifts and cards to make, eek!

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That's all folks, see you next week, have a good one

Sunday, 28 August 2016

Home & Vintage Brocante 17th September in Glorious Grayswood

Under 3 weeks to my first event of the year and a new venue, so looking forward to this one and love, love, vintage. Hoping to pick up some lovely lace whilst exhibiting.

If in the vicinity please drop in and say 'Hello' and browse all the wonderful goodies on display.

Sunday, 21 August 2016

Almost Christmas

Only 125 days until Christmas, that is under 6 months now. Love Christmas and although just the 2.5 of us still make it fun. Are you ready yet? I still have some gifts to make, really should be having a go at those as think stock all done now for the Vintage fair.

Table coverings

This is always a hard one and decided needed something new, bought about 5 m's of pink sheeting and have made a 4ft covering and a 6ft one. The front hems have curtain weight strips inside, this should stop the cloth wafting up if in a draft. All done, folded and labelled in bags so I know which one to pick up.


Wanted to do some bunting for the front of my stall. Had been going to go for the pointy flags but felt with the lettering they would have been too long and look odd. Again done in 2 words that way can be placed across a 4ft or 6ft table. My new colourings, still have some old labels and cards to use up but will gradually go over to the pink roses again.

Pot Pourri Cup Cakes

These are done IHT (in the hoop) on my embroidery machine and filled with Elizabethan pot pourri, smell delicious. Planning on displaying them on  pretty plate with a fabric doily or may use the card displays I have. Shown here on a teapot, only thing a bit worried about if shown singularly would customers think includes the teapot? Also think they should be boxed once sold to make more special.

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That's all for this week, not as much done as last week but still creating.

Sunday, 14 August 2016

A Creative Couple of Weeks

Welcome to another week in Blogland and my world of crafting. The past 2 weeks have been so much better and done a lot more on the creative front.

Thinking ahead for my 3 vintage fairs came up with some vintage makes

Crazy Silk Patchwork bookmarks

Now most of you know I have a love of books, proper books not iBooks variety. This is a new design from one of my favourite designers, each bookmark has an initial. There in started a problem as to what letters to do. Googled and found top 100 all time girls names. 'J' was the most popular, the list  has given me something to work to when building up some stock. Can always do a special order at a show and post later if needed. A good way to use up small pieces of silk or any fabric for that matter.
Had to add a tassel and these card ones are ideal as the loop is not too long.

Rose Frame Bag

Made from wool felt and hand embroidered, with rose, buds and hips, not forgetting the pearls.

Rolled shopping bags

Had to make some more of these as wanted a basket full at my next event.

Pink Baby Bonnet

The same method as before but this time in pink linen, so pretty.

Going back in time. I am revisiting some of the items I used to make back on the 80's and with my move to more vintage thought they should make a reappearance.

Rose lace pot pourri puffs

Lace fan with roses and pot pourri

I always loved to decorate items and these battenburg style lace fans just lent themselves to more lace and roses. The puffs are made using favour circles. My favour making machine came in handy as so much easier than trying to gather up with one hand. May have to treat myself to the larger one.

Stay calm and ring Carson for tea mug rugs

Downton themed tea mug rugs, love these but then I also loved Downton, cannot wait for the film.

Last but not least lave flower pins

That's all for this week, as now exhausted will treat myself to another episode of house of Elliot. Not as good as Downton but then again filmed some years ago now but still love it.

see you all next week x