Sunday, 15 April 2018

Another Handmade Week

The weather has again been hit and miss, sometimes dry, sometimes springlike and then the constant rain. Flowers bed's resembled mini ponds and it got cold, although the weather people may disagree. It was cold, brrrr!

Sunday: completed planner for the week, always do in pencil then day's can be changed. As my time is my own so good to be able to do what I want each day. Can always spare time for coffee with  friend.

Monday: A day of nothing, felt rough due to asthma so took it easy.

Tuesday: Cleaned downstairs and drafted a pattern for a new bag. Will be a crossbody bag. I have so much fabric and thought this would be a good way to use up the larger pieces.

Wednesday: Hair cut, Frensham Garden Centre then Forest Lodge, finally a trip to the farm shop.
Cut out the bag and pressed straps etc. Got the machine ready and finalised my Waitrose delivery.

Talking of my favourite grocery store. I love this 'Michael McIntyre on Waitrose' video, so funny and can watch again and again

Thursday: Clean the bedrooms and change the bed.  Looking back seems as if always cleaning, just like to break it down to easy. Waitrose delivery.
 Started to sort my dies, bought some magnetic boards from Hobbycraft, special offer if you bought 10 packs of 3 but not used them yet.

Must admit much easier than in a drawer and have found that I had a couple of duplicates, oops!!!!

Friday: You guessed it cleaned the bathrooms, that is all done now for another week.
Started the cross body bag, had to stop at a certain point as only ordered the D rings and sliders on Tuesday, they should arrive today. PS They arrived early and bag finished. 

Also ran up a personalised make up bag, this one is for Nana but any name or endearment can be used. Had to add a Swarovski hot fix crystal to the crown, a girl can never have too much bling! Can also be made in other colour's.

Saturday: Using up the left overs from the crossbody bag. Think this is better than putting in a drawer and taking up space:

2 Pixie Baskets - useful for all those bits and pieces, such as make up etc.
1 set of 3 Lavender Sachets
2 Handbag tissue cases
1 wrist key ring

Update blog and schedule for Sunday

Used the lawn raker to clear some moss on the lawn, put down some grass seed and DH rolled it in.
A busy week after all.

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Until next time when according to the long range weather we should be having a mini heatwave!

Sunday, 8 April 2018

Handmade Monday No. 70

Hope you all had a good Easter. The weather was not so good either rain or snow and cold. Roll on spring.

Stock Sorting

As mentioned last week my first event is in May but always find it exhausting and stressful getting ready for an event. This year started early, the stock is now all labelled and dumped stored in the garden room. DH is not too sure about this as 6 weeks away but it is staying.

Back to this week:

Sunday: Updated blog post for last week. Priced craft books and added to Paypal app. finished off the stock sort as above image.
Bought myself a crochet book for beginners. Now have always wanted to learn, can do a very, very long chain but never understood how to go back and stitch. This book and hook came in a kit form and so far excellent. It clearly explains what to do in each step. Have started on the bag as shown, worked in SC. Will post a pic when finished. I think crochet could get addictive, lol.

Monday: What did I do all day?

Tuesday: Popped up to the farm shop for some more pea gravel for the back path's, delivery due tomorrow. This is a farm shop and nursery and they only have plants in season which is fantastic for us, this way we know what will grow. Plus very reasonable compared with the garden centres.

Wednesday: A day of doing nothing, could not be asked but did catch up on my magazines: Daphne's Diary and Where Women Create got some wonderful ideas to store away.

Thursday: Decided not to have a grocery delivery this week, dived into Sainsbury's for some basic's instead. Then onto the garden centre at Rake for a browse round. Such a beautiful day spent most of it  in the garden and walking and playing with the dog. Set up my embroidery machine for a project to start on Friday

Friday: Dog walk, washing out on the line and in my sewing room

Saturday: New section 'Parisien Boutique' all things French themed, so far

8" X 8" clutch bag

Tissue Case

Key Fob

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That has been my week, hope yours went as well. Until next time.

Sunday, 1 April 2018

Handmade Monday 69 and Happy Easter

Happy Easter

Do you decorate for Easter? I do. Only the mantlepiece though but love to have a bit of decoration up.

I even put a banner up for Valentine's Day.

The car had it's MOT last Tuesday, passed which we were happy about. Checked the milage have only done 900 miles since last March. The car really needs to get out more. We walk most places so we can take the mutt. He creates in the car and you end up being deaf. We would be the car that goes up the road with loud barking coming from the back seat! Tried to sit in the back with him but he stomped all over me in a panic, just not worth the aggro. Looking at him butter wouldn't melt. Put him in a car and he becomes a raving loony monster dog.

Back to Handmade Monday, number 69 already!

Not as much made this week but have completed the dream catchers, they took longer than expected, my fault as used too long a thread and kept getting tangled. Found it easier to stand up and cover the rings in the end.

Had some mini canvas boards, covered again with rice paper this time cherry blossom. Stitched out some lace butterflies in random lilac thread. Highlighted the blossom by adding a bloom in pearl silk and a diamante to the centre of the flower.

Now stock all over my sewing room floor as I start to sort what is being taken to my first fair in May. I know a bit early but may add as I go along. Planning on using this event as a sale one, lot's of bargains with many items half price.

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Until next week, don't eat all the chocolate eggs, lol

Sunday, 25 March 2018

Handmade Monday 68

The snow finally disappeared and then we had a few lovely spring days. this enabled us to clean the inside of the car (dog's fault full of fur), get some gardening done and lots of long dog walks. Even had a go on the new village outdoor gym, staggered home and had to have a lie down, lol. Dog looked bemused by the whole fiasco.

This week's makes, started an altered book and finally got it finished, for my first attempt very happy

Ordered some Zutter wire cutters in pink, arrived in white. Now I know this is a small thing but does annoy me when these large companies do this, clearly shows pink in the title of the item, so complained. If as a small business I did this I am sure customers would not be happy and would think me un-professional. Unless clearly stated colour lucky dip, which it did not. Update they do not have the pink have let me have the white and refunded the money paid.

Still using my planner and working, did have a few weeks when I forgot and low and behold ended up procrastinating far too much. It does work. Have now cleared my worktable and stood said planner at the back so I can get to it easily and complete each day.

Some more makes and more A6 notebooks. The book binding cradle arrived and must admit so much easier to make sure the holes are in the correct place for the stitching.

Notebooks completed so far and really on a roll with these.

Post it note clipboards also done

Next project: Mini canvas with rice paper as the background and lace stitched butterflies added. Will try 4 to begin with and see how I go.

Another project planned mini dream catchers

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Until next week, have fun x

Sunday, 18 March 2018

Handmade Monday No. 67

Another week has gone by in a blink of an eye and we now have the Beast from the East part 2. Staying in the warm and creating.

This week has been a bit slower as on the good days, out in the garden. The weekend wall to wall snow and a bitterly cold win.

Makes this Week:

Continuing the Wedding theme - Ring Bearer Pillows

The first ones are approx 7" X 7"

Mr & Mrs in white silk and silver thread

With his ring in antique cream silk

Doves in ivory silk

The second ones smaller at 5" X 5"

Antique Cream Linen Love Bugs

White linen key to my heart

Ivory Linen Love Story

Made another canvas this time for sale featuring ballet.

Finally another hand stitched notebook with a mini post it note clip board and pencil. 
Have so many papers that need using up and thought these could be bargain buys at a fair and on my website.

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Sunday, 11 March 2018

Handmade Monday

Well the snow has finally gone, we now have rain. I quite enjoyed the down time with the snow and no one going in and out of our road. So quiet and peaceful. The village was silent apart from the sounds of sledges being pulled along by long suffering Dad's. Feet crunching in the snow, walking dogs or going to the village shop for supplies. Fire lit and the house had a cosy glow. Got through 3 books along with some creating.

Had loads of 'bits' left over from my card sets, did not want them going to waste and found I had some mini cards in stock. Used up a load of the toppers and ended up with 20 cards.

For Julia: Found my large sheet of sticky pads, in a drawer which I had checked, honestly. I now have a plethora of sticky pads all together in one place, lol. Problem so happy I found these that forgot what I was searching for, put it down to age, lol.

Projects this week?


Age Birthday card sample, several fairy types to select from and made to order


Again a sample and made to order


3 designs all personalised as required.


Finally a mixed media canvas entered into a challenge. Keeping this one for my own sewing room, even DH was impressed.

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Looking back cannot believe how much I have achieved this week, funny how some weeks are more productive than others.

Have a fun week x